Daniel Ziltener

I'm Daniel Ziltener.

Hello, and welcome! I am a Swiss software engineer and sysadmin based in Berlin at Code & Magic currently working on a range of projects, working with technologies ranging from Clojure over C to PHP and with a broad range of platforms and tools like the JVM, GStreamer, all the way to BastilleBSD and Ansible.

I spend a lot of time researching and learning about what would probably be considered "fringe programming languages" like Scheme, Pharo, and Prolog, and programming techniques like Literate Programming, as part of my personal quest of discovering ever more efficient, idiomatic, and streamlined development workflows towards a "single point of contact" system.

I am currently in the process of transferring my old blog posts over to my new page; you'll soon find interesting infos and posts here.

Most of my active code repositories are self-hosted on gitea.lyrion.ch.

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Recent Blog Posts

Why You Should Learn Scheme Programming

Scheme might be a niche language. But no matter what you develop with every day, you will learn a lot from this minimalist-yet-powerful programming language.

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Write and Auto-Deploy Daemons on FreeBSD

Our goal is to write an rc.d file that allows us to start anything as a daemon, and an accompanying settings file, and to get to know the commands to use for automated deploy.

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